RAW showcase OCT. 6th 2011

I took a trip to the Copper Door last night for the most recent RAW show. Mainly, I was there for the fairly new Santa Ana band, Devil and his Friend. They were not going to be on until 10pm, but I figured I’d get there early to check out the visual art work on display. When we [Inkblots] played this show in September, I was quite pleased with some of the local artists that had there work exhibited so I thought this could be another chance to check out some cool art. There were about 6 or 7 visual artists doing the show that night including a hair stylists. I’ll talk a bit about 3 that caught my eye.

First up is Arnold Randall. He had some very interesting work up. My favorite was this “Child of War” piece (not sure if that is the real name of the work). The photo really does not do it justice. He told me those were real bullet casings on the canvas there and a couple of real bullets. He refused to disclose exactly where he got all of that ammo. My girlfriend and I had nice little conversation with him. He is great guy and even took a picture of me with one of his other works. I like to call it “The Red Angel” but once again I did not find out the real name of the piece. I should have asked the guy. It was a bad piece of reporting on my part. Anyway check him out at www.arnoldrandallart.com.

Right next to him was this amazing sketch artists named Piete Miller. Once again my camera cannot do this man’s work any justice. Beautiful drawings! Some of them could even pass to the untrained eye as photographs. According to his bio, he is from San Francisco, but has settled in southern California working in mostly pin up drawings. Didn’t get a chance to meet this guy, but you should check him out if ever you want some “seductive soul artistry.”

The last visual artist I want to talk about is a tattoo artist/ painter/ graphic artist/ horror artist/ and whole bunch of other things, Mike Vanderhoof. I have to say it a third time: my photo does not do the art work any justice. This guy had some of the creepiest, coolest looking horror art I have seen. I loved the look of the gore, the morbid, and the sadistic arranged onto canvas. Check out his site www.kingmikev.com for more info on the guy.

Alright then, onto to the music now! Unfortunately, I stepped out to get a drink at Memphis and I missed most of the opening music act, solo artist Lewis Bradshaw V. I did manage to catch the last couple of numbers and what I heard was pretty good. I can’t say much else really since I missed most of it. The second band, Pacifica, I sort of missed on purpose. Their Emo pop punk was really not my cup of tea and I stepped out after the first two songs.

The Devil and His Friend were the third and last music act to hit the stage. I had been listening to their demo entitled St. Anne since their drummer Eric Cocoletzi was nice enough to let me have a copy about a month ago. Although I was not too fond of their instrumentals, when lead singer Richard Bernal does lend his vocals to the music, I think the two piece band is quite intriguing. Their show on this night was a good one. Richard Bernal exhibited a dynamic vocal presence, at times a bluesy passionate filled wail, and at other times a sensitive seductive whisper. Eric Cocoletzi’s drumming was creative and did well to fill in the gaps for a non existent bass. I have become quite fond of the track “Line in the Earth” and they played a great version of it that drew the loudest applause of the night in my opinion. Definitely give this band a chance if they come by your town. Check them out at http://facebook.com/deviland.hisfriend

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  1. Carolina says:

    Very nice. I truly in my heart did not want to miss the show at The Copper Door for Devil And His Friend on Thursday night. I’ve grown to like them when I finally saw them play a whole set at the Downtown Summer Concert Series on Sept. 9th, where Inkblots and The Moan played the first week which was on July 22nd. Based from what I read from your blog, I totally missed another good night. I know I can’t always be there for every show but I love to show my support. Radio has been a bit tiring for me. I’m glad I stepped out of my shell to exploring new things. Thanks.

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