SamtheInkblot joins with Santanero Zine

I am very happy to report that samtheinkblot will be working in conjunction with the newly formed Santanero zine as a writer. Thank you to Eric and Enrique for allowing me to join their team. I was very happy and proud to play a part in making the first issue become a reality and I am once again delighted to know that I will play a role in what hopefully will be a long and successful run of issues that will cement this publication as a staple in my community of Santa Ana.

You can still pick up a copy of the zine in select shops and establishments in Downtown Santa Ana and the Camp and Lab area of Costa Mesa. If you are not lucky enough to get your hands on a physical copy, you may read the zine on the newly formed offical website

Santanero is a independently funded and published zine created for the purpose of highlighting and promoting the arts, culture, and community of Santa Ana. We are currently accepting submissions for the June issue. Please send you poetry, artworks, photos, stories (800 words or less), etc. to  

– the Inkblot

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